Engineering & conception

Are you investigating the feasibility of a project ? Do you need to formalise a requirement, provide your partners with technical findings,
consult with suppliers ? We can help you :

services_picto_identification-besoinIdentifying the requirement :
We frequently see badly assessed requirements and the integration of safety margins which are detrimental to the effective functionality of your equipment and your budget. By studying your process, we help you to define your requirement as well as possible so that the equipment is “necessary and sufficient”. If it is necessary to take into account future increases in production, we propose scalable and modular solutions.
services_picto_evaluations-technique-financiereTechnical and financial evaluations of the existing solutions in terms of the specifications and guidelines of the project :
There are often different technologies which are able to satisfy your demands, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. We offer advice in choosing the most appropriate technology for your project, taking into account both the technical and the financial elements.
services_picto_ingenerie-detailleeDetailed engineering :
Do you have neither the resources nor the competence to carry out the detailed investigation which will enable you to devise your solution? We provide our competences in order to help you, be it on a flat fee basis or with technical assistance. Our areas of excellence: PID and PDF creation, sizing, 3D studies.
services_picto_redaction-specificationsDrafting of specifications or contractual conditions :
Do you want to launch an invitation to tender but aren’t sure whether you master all of the facets which will enable your suppliers to submit their best offer to you ? We can draw up the contractual requirements and secure all of the technical and commercial arrangements with your suppliers. Our areas of excellence: air production in its entirety, nitrogen instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatic piloting systems.

Areas of application :
Compression systems, vacuum, air treatment and filtration, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, air and nitrogen networks.