Sécheurs & Filtration

Membrane / Frigo / PSA heatless / PSA heated.

Point de rosée
+3°C à -70°C.

Code de fabrication
ASME VIII Div 1 / U-Stamp / CODAP / PED 97-23-CE (DESP).

Acier Carbone / Inox SS316L.

Zone 1 IIB T3.

On an industrial site, and more particularly in petroleum applications, air instrumentation, just like electricity, is a critical resource.
This is why the quality of the air instrumentation must be given special attention, both for the reliability and for the longevity of the installation.
Each project and each installation are subject to particular economic and technical constraints.
Also, each of our equipment is designed to combine these different constraints: air quality, high reliability, reduced dimensions, atex zone, environmental conditions, budget etc ...